Love is…

I had a nameday on Sunday. My nameday is very popular, as ‘Barbara’ is celebrated only once a year, Dec 4th.

I like this day, because I can spend more time with the ones I care about and it’s a prelude to all the joyful gatherings in December (my mum’s birthday on 12th, Christmas, and my older son’s birthday on 28th).

The last three days have been very intense, but also very pleasant. My name is derived from a Greek ‘barbaros’ which means “foreign” – someone who is a stranger; the other. Sometimes I feel this way – a stranger even to myself. In a hectic world we live in, it’s easy to drift away from what truly matters and to doubt your choices.

And then comes love – the emotion that brings me home. I’m very lucky to have a loving family and friends around me who remind me that I’m not a stranger after all.

This is why today I’d like to give you some glimpses of what’s been going on in the last couple of days. To me, love is…

Love is time

love is

My carrot cake – it’s the first sign that Christmas is coming

I bake this cake only in winter. The timeĀ  spent preparing it for my guests is the prologue to Christmas. I love this cake. It’s easy to make and a synonym of winter to me. I’ll be sharing my apple pie recipe with my monthly newsletter subscribers next week. You can still join the list here.

Love is a surprise

love is

The flowers on the left are from my older son. He asked me why I hadn’t poured any water to the vase. The ones on the right are from my husband. If I were to tell you a secret – flowers are the easiest way to win my heart.

Love is a gift


It’s an adorable little gift I got from my friend, Anna. We met yesterday after a few months of not seeing each other. She surprised me with these. Years ago she introduced me to baby avocados – now, to baby cacti. How not to love them?

Love is beauty

love is

This cake is called “Love”. We shared it with Anna yesterday. It’s maracuja flavoured. Simply divine. And the way it’s served with those edible petals…J’adore.

Love is commitment

love is

I prepared these porcelain-like Christmas tree decorations with my son on Sunday. These were meant for the Christmas fair at his kindergarten. They had to dry, so I could only pack them around 11 p.m. I was very tired, but I somehow managed to get them wrapped. This is what you do when you’re a mum – you cross the boundries of your fatigue every single day. And this is as extraordinary as a man can get.

Love is a thought

Love is


I got these CDs from my husband. They are great, but what I love more is that my husband listened to what I was saying a few months ago. And that he thought of me.

Love is fun


Christmas workshops with my son

We made this star together with Stanley today afternoon at his kindergarten. We’ve had a lot of fun with his friends and their parents. Bonding – this is what I love the most about my crafty time with him.

How would you define ‘love’? Drop me a note in the comment box below or on my social media. I will pursue this topic further. Get ready for the ultimate movie for the holiday season. Richard Curtis’s ‘Love Actually’ and awesome home decor inspirations will be here on the blog next week. Stay tuned.

Until then, with loads of love,

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