La Dolce Vita

Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita (1960) is set in Rome. My ‘sweet life’ episode happened in Padua. I was at a conference there just after Easter. My younger son had just turned one and I was a bit anxious to leave him, but, in the end, there was no need to worry.

Going to Padua – alone, but to meet dozens of new people – was like a breath of fresh air. Remember my post titled Carpe diem? It was very energizing to change my daily (or rather my yearly) routine. One thing didn’t change – coffee; I drank some very good coffee there.

la dolce vita Padua Italy

Streets in Padua

Via Roma is the best shopping street in the Old Town. I didn’t buy too much, but I did some window shopping and shared some of the images on my Instagram and Facebook accounts with you.

La dolce vita Padua in Italy

Via Roma in Padua; inspirational design

Coastal and botanical motifs are still very strong trends in design this season. Zara Home’s underwater collection is one of many examples.

Padua is a historic city with one of the oldest universities in Europe. We had an honour to listen to the first keynote lecture in Palazzo del Bo’s Aula Magna – the place where Galileo taught mathematics.

La dolce vita Padua in Italy

Palazzo del Bo in Padua

The conference talks were given in the oldest botanical garden in Europe. It was so soothing to sit and relax in the garden between the sessions. Fortunately, the weather was good and we could eat our lunches outside. It’s a strange feeling when you realize that a few hundred years back,  some of the noblest minds of humanity treaded the same paths…

La dolce vita Padua in Italy

Orto botanico in Padua

Those 5 days were very intense and very sweet, as you may gather from the featured image for this post. I badly needed this time to reclaim my integrity. It wasn’t so much the time for relaxing, as for performing my very best among the people who are my ‘tribe’. I needed this to see that I still fit in this role, just as much as I fit in my role of a wife and a mother. I know that when I have the space for self-development and reaching my goals, I am much better with managing my family life. One thing fuels another.

This is true that we can’t have everything. We need to make choices and to prioritize. Especially now, when the life goes so fast and we have almost immediate access to all the information we want (and we don’t want) to know. The best skill you can learn is how to stay focused on your goals and how to be patient enough to satisfy (some of) your desires.

Though real life gets bitter at times, when it comes to personal growth, I hope you’ll make yours sweet as honey.

Have a wonderful week. With loads of love,




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    1. Interiormad Post author

      So great to hear you like it. I’m absolutely obsessed with the 1960s 🙂 Life was so classy then 🙂 Have a great day


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