Flowery garlands in Andrew Marvell’s poem “The Coronet”

I somehow cannot stop thinking about flowers. My last week’s interview with Georgie St Clair has left me craving for more. In the Early Modern Period – especially in the Italian Renaissance – there was an idea (adapted from Virgil) that the poets should be like bees – picking the best flowers of the meadows and gardens in order to make the sweetest nectar. In other words, the poets were to choose the best words and concepts to create their stanzas.

Our minds and thoughts are like flowery gardens. They grow in our heads, sometimes spring out, and create the most beautiful headpieces of creativity which we can share with the world around us.

I’ve been mesmerized by the flowery imagery. I’ve come back to the poem I once translated – Andrew Marvell‘s The Coronet:

Andrew Marvell’s The Coronet – Read the full poem here

My thoughts are only flowers, I should say. Some time ago I found out about two wonderful artisans – Erin Randall from The Grey Rose, and Encza from Handmade By Encza. You can see their wonderful flowery creations in the photos below. Aren’t they gorgeous?

  1. The Grey Rose
flowery garland

Felt flowers garland by The Grey Rose

felt roses garland

Red roses felt garland by The Grey Rose

felt flowers garland

Felt flowers garland by The Grey Rose

felt flowers wall decor

Felt flower wall decor by The Grey Rose

2. Handmade By Encza

flowery garlands

Flowery garlands – ideal for photo shoots – Handmade by Encza


Wreath – Handmade by Encza


Newborn headpiece – Handmade by Encza

newborn bonnet

Bonnet for newborns – Handmade by Encza

I’m possessed by these projects and my heart throbs faster when I look at them. Isn’t life just a little bit better with some poetry and flowers in it?

What do you think of these pieces? How would you use them? Drop me a line in the comment box below or on my social media. I’d love to know your thoughts.

Until next week, with loads of love,


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