Accessories Workshop with Designers Guild

How does it feel to wake up from a very long winter on the first day of spring? How does it feel to light a sparkle that’s been dormant for months? How does it feel to get back to the source; to the point when all was fresh, and new, and all in its place? It feels like a new life.

Believe it or not, but yesterday’s Accessories Workshop at Designers Guild on the King’s Road in London was exactly what my heart desired. This shop is not an any interior design shop, and everyone who’s into design knows that. Tricia Guild’s empire is built on personality, humbleness, devotion, vision, passion and talent. And on light – because its prism gives you all the colours of the rainbow.

Designers Guild

Designers Guild shop on Kings Road, London

I meant to attend a similar workshop at Designers Guild  about 2 years ago, but I missed it. My interest in Designers Guild and their style has lasted for almost 20 years. And their ideas have never ceased to amaze me. I remember that when I was about 15, I was going to give a presentation on Designers Guild in my English class. Needless to say, the world was less digitized than it is today, so I could rely only on the photocopied press materials. Unfortunately, they all came out black and white. And I wanted to show all the colours. I have to say, I was never closer to Shakespeare than on that day when I had to take Chorus’s advice from Henry V: “Think, when we talk of horses, that you see them” (Act I,Prologue, line 27).

Designers Guild

Designers Guild, Spring 2018

The workshop wouldn’t have been so fantastic, had it not been for Amber Swinn, Designers Guild’s Events Manager, who simply nailed it. Her aura of both an interior design know-it-all and a girl next door made me (literally) feel like home. Teamed with equally friendly Natasha, Amber showed us how to accessorize your home and work with various colours and patterns.

Designers Guild

Workshop at Designers Guild

Designers Guild is so inspiring, because you really never know what’s going to happen around the corner. There might be trends: there might be pinks, and corals, and velvet and florals, but the arrangement of things, the display, the thought and creativity of the whole team is just astounding.

Designers Guild

Glass plates at Designers Guild, Kings Road London

If you ever wondered whether the shop is worth visiting, don’t hesitate. It is inspiration in its pure form.

Designers Guild

Designers Guild, Kings Road London

Some of my favourite colour combos were obvious, such as this soft palette of greys and lilacs (that throw is just gorgeous!):

Designers Guild

Designers Guild, Spring 2018

…and some were less obvious, but absolutely captivating, such as this black printed velvet:

Designers Guild

Delft Velvet Noir

When Amber heard that I’m both an academic researcher (dealing with the early modern period) AND a design aficionado, she told me:  “Oh my gosh, it’s amazing! I’ve never met a person who is both at the same time… My friends are either academic or creative types.” 

Thanks to my short trip to London – when I managed to feed both my passions, I feel more complete. It’s not a cliché when they tell you: “Do more of what you love. Love what you do.” It’s probably the easiest way to reach this ephemeral moments of what we like to call happiness.

Thank you, Designers Guild. I’ll be coming back.







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