Against all odds (my older son having a scarlet fever and my younger is teething), but here it is! My first e-mail course is ready!

I’m dancing in my head now. It cost me a lot of extra work, but I wanted to do it, simply because I know that it may help you reach a new level of integrity and creativity that you can transfer to your home.

The course is called: MAKE A HOME THAT MAKES SENSE TO YOU, because I describe there creative techniques that engage all of your 5 senses in order to find the right inspiration for your space.

make a home that makes sense to you

Click on the banner to sign up

There is a separate tab in the main menu for this course, too.

You’ll get a workbook and a .pdf file with a list of useful links that will help you implement the changes:

Workbook and a bonus; click on the image to sign up for the course

I hope you’ll like the course and that it will help you understand what your heart truly desires.

I also hope that it will help us be in touch.

It’s a gift to you, for being with me along the way – a way that started almost 20 years ago, when I won a fountain pen in one of the contests organized by an interior design magazine. I had to prepare a makeover project for some living-room which was poorly designed. I made drawings, sent them and…waited for the results. I was 14 then. The pen is still one of my most treasured possessions, although I can’t really use it anymore. But it’s a symbol that dreams come true if we follow our hearts and passions.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. I hope you have a good day.

Let me know in the comments below or on my social media what you think of the course and the idea behind it.

With love,


4 thoughts on “5-Day FREE E-mail Course MAKE A HOME THAT MAKES SENSE TO YOU

  1. Anna

    Witaj Barbaro, od jakiegoś czasu śledzę twojego bloga i mimo że nie jestem osobą której brakuje pomysłów na wnętrza (wprost przeciwnie) to uwielbiam oglądać pomysły i projekty innych dlatego z przyjemnością zapiszę się na twój kurs. Jestem bardzo ciekawa o czym będziesz pisać ?

    1. Interiormad Post author

      Aniu, bardzo mi miło to słyszeć. Ten kurs jest takim “pierwszym krokiem” do zharmonizowania się ze swoim wnętrzem (dwuznaczność “wnętrza” zamierzona 😉 ) Jest tam trochę o kreatywności, trochę moich historii, inspiracji, garść ćwiczeń związanych ze zmysłami, przykłady tablic inspiracji, kilka narzędzi (zebranych na koniec w pliku pdf), które mogą być potem potrzebne + esencja z moich blogowych artykułów. Jestem bardzo ciekawa Twoich opinii “po” – jest też ankieta na koniec 🙂 Cieszę się, że jesteś tutaj 🙂


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