Some of you already know how much I love TED talks. They are the quintessence of humanity – and I’m not scared of big words here; it’s the ability to share knowledge and our history to next generations that makes us the species known as homo sapiens.

If you’ve never tried any of the TED talks, please do. There is a huge chance you’ll become hooked, just as I am.

And here we are today, inspired by Amy Cuddy’s TED talk: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are, or more precisely, with her book on the same phenomenon: Presence: Bringing your Boldest Self to your Biggest Challenges (2015). Amy Cuddy is a Harvard Business School professor and social psychologist, focused on nonverbal communication and how it affects our lives.

In Presence… she analyzes the so-called ‘power poses’ (e.g. spread-out arms/open chest). According to the researcher, practising these postures in our everyday lives can make us feel stronger and more confident about ourselves. From “I shouldn’t be here” attitude, we can change into “This is the place for me”. By making our bodies ‘pretend’ that we’re bold, we actually become bold. Cuddy is convinced that it works, because apart from the years of research, she’s practised that herself.

When Cuddy was 19, she had a terrible car accident that forced her to drop college. She was told that her IQ dropped as well and that she would not be able to finish her education. After four years of hard work and struggle, she managed to finish college and ended up at Princeton.  Before her first public 20-minute talk she was supposed to give in front of 20 people she said to her tutor: “I’m quitting.” And then the professor said: “No, you’re not”.

She had someone to back her up, someone who believed in her and convinced her that she is no phony. And Cuddy had to prove that to herself. By trying hard every day, doing her job (what she was expected to do), she became a pro.

“Presence” means here being the best version of yourself in the best place for you. Cuddy’s research proves that we can achieve that with the power of our minds and bodies. It’s good to be persistent. It’s wonderful, if we have somebody to endorse us, but, as Woody Allen once said: “80 percent of success is showing up.” Being present.

How did this inspire me (interior-wise)? Well, what makes a bold statement in interiors? Colours, accent walls, accent furniture and accent decor. This is what I’ve found for you. Feel inspired. Be bold.


The Art Apartment
Photo by Arent & Pyke – Look for contemporary bedroom pictures


The Art Apartment
Photo by Arent & Pyke – Browse contemporary dining room ideas


Midtown Crossing Condo


Winn Wittman Architecture


Wall tiles decor - via Pinterest - These are stickers!

Wall tiles decor – via Pinterest – These are stickers!

Geometric accent wall

Geometric accent wall – via Pinterest

Teal wall - via Pinterest

Teal wall – via Pinterest

Rich teal wall - via Pinterest

Rich teal wall – via Pinterest

M&S sofa - via Pinterest

M&S sofa – via Pinterest

Yellow chair - via Pinterest

Yellow chair – via Pinterest

Chair via

Chair via

Carlina coctail chair by

Carlina coctail chair by

Chair Juicy Colors Revestida

Chair Juicy Colors Revestida

Accent chair via Pinterest

Accent chair via Pinterest

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2 thoughts on “Presence

  1. Nils Salzgeber

    I’m officially in love with Amy Cuddy. Loved the TED talk. Loved the book. Love her message. Doesn’t surprise me a bit that you find her so compelling as well 🙂

    1. Interiormad Post author

      I can totally relate to this. Thank you for your kind comments. I really appreciate it! 🙂 B.


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