My son’s room

I planned to finish this room a year ago. By “finishing”, I mean moving my son’s bed from our bedroom to his room (that until now served as a  playroom).  But you know how it is with mums – you keep saying: “maybe next week (month, year…)”, because you feel safer seeing your child sleeping.

I imagine that there are parents who have no problem with this and their children sleep in their own rooms right from the start. And that’s wonderful too.

My son is nearly 4  years old and we all decided that his bed and chest of drawers should “join” other furniture friends in his room.

This room had been designed and painted before Stanley was born. When he was about 1-1,5, I added some wallpaper and storage. I also needed a desk to work while I was with him at home.  With time, a table and chairs came in, and more toys –  including a baby kitchen and a circus tent (which is a wonderful thing, if you ever wondered if getting a tent, a tipi, or something alike is worth considering).

The cotton light balls were bought at least two years ago, waiting for this moment to happen. I couldn’t use them before, because Stanley played with the cables all the time. And, of course, I had some little DIY projects ready, like the two you can see below – a cross-stitched pair of coala bears (I’m quite proud of it) and a little scrapbook picture which I made after Stanley’s christening.

Coala bears cross-stitching project

Coala bears cross-stitching project; photo by InteriorMad

Scrapbooking picture

Scrapbook picture; photo by InteriorMad

It took me a few days to empty the room, clean all the toys, windows and pieces of furniture, select, print and frame some family photos and projects, like the one with the foxes by Miss Mandee which you can find here, free to download! This is how I got down to it:


Getting ready for some cutout

Getting ready for some cutout (first I printed the pictures out on some canvas-like paper)


Foxes getting arranged

Foxes getting arranged on a blue carton background


Foxes almost done

Foxes almost done (with a great deal of measuring)


Foxy project done

Foxy project done, ready for the wall

I think they look nice contrasted with the background (also the yellow wall).

And here are some photos of how it looked like BEFORE and AFTER:


My messy desk and toy case

My messy desk and a toy case

Room before

The room before

Playroom (before)

Playroom (before)

and AFTER:

Wooden letters on the door

Wooden letters (with a name) on the door

Things in order

Things in order (if only for a moment)

Frames little gallery

Frames –  little gallery

Cotton ball lights

Cotton ball lights

Cotton ball lights angle

Cotton ball lights angle

Table and chairs by IKEA

Table and chairs by IKEA

Comfy bed

Comfy bed

More storage

More storage

circus tent by IKEA

circus tent by IKEA



And finally – a happy kid:

Happy playful time

Happy playful time

Choo choo train

Choo choo train

"Yes I like it, mum!"

“Yes! I like it, mum!”

His happy face is all that I need for a comment. However, should you like any of my work and ideas, feel free to comment or share it with the ones you care about. You can also drop me a line on my Facebook fanpage or via e-mail:

Hope to hear from you soon!

P.S. Speaking of Facebook fanpages, I got this makeover and moveout done also thanks to what I read in one of Hugh Laurie‘s posts: “It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.” Indeed.





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