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I’m ill. Nasty sinus infection that doesn’t want to go away. On top of that – my son is teething. It hurts (all of us).

Thus, I’m not able to post something new and up to the usual standard this week.

However, if you seek inspiration, or want to have quick access to some more or less recent stories and older posts, here’s a shortcut to my social media. There is MUCH more than what you see on the blog (and if you sign up to my monthly newsletter, there’ll be even MORE of this kind of inspiration).


These are the pins only from yesterday. Nearly 1000 pins in total, over 80 boards that correspond with the posts and themes on the blog

interiormad on pinterest


Sometimes more intimate photos + my work. All the photos were taken by me.

InteriorMad on instagram


Digest of the best worldwide design trends

InteriorMad on facebook

Enjoy all of this, I hope. Until next week,

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