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I sent my monthly newsletter today morning, so you should have it in your mailboxes. As a special bonus, you got a recipe for my apple pie. The new cycle will be called “Recipe of the month”.

Apple pie recipe inspiration

Bonus to my monthly newsletter – a new cycle “Recipe of the Month”

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Speaking of inspiration – last weekend I was “In the mood for moodboards”. I was looking for some materials I will use for your workbook in my free e-mail course which will be released on February 14th.

Inspiration is everywhere and I will show you some techniques which will help you create the spaces that reflect your true self. Some time ago I wrote:

Often, when we are challenged with the task of decorating our own house, flat or even one room, we do not have a clear vision of the result we want to achieve. We do not know where to look for inspiration, although, more and more often, we seek the ideas in home decor magazines, on the Internet platforms, or we decide to contact design specialists. Our final choice is usually an outcome of our research, of many conversations, changes in perspective, and sometimes of our own unique approach. […] You can find your inspiration everywhere – in a winter landscape, the colours of the setting sun, or in jewelry, but also in music, literature or film. […]

In my course I’m going to show you how to narrow down the overwhelming stream of incentives, so that you can learn to listen to your own needs, in order to create the space you’ll truly love.

In search for inspiration

I hope I will see you here on Valentine’s Day. This course will be my big thank you and (I hope) the gift you will wish to receive.

Remember, there is a ton of inspiration on my social media profiles – check out my Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram (click the icon above) for the digest of the best design and interiors.

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