“Hello. It’s me.” – I was wondering if after all these weeks you’d like to meet…

I’m coming back after over a months’ break. I know it’s long and I know I might have lost you. This break was caused by my health issues, work overload and time I needed for my family. I hope I’ll be forgiven, not forgotten…

I also hope that when you weren’t here, you were having great time with your loved ones, doing what you love to do and seeking inspiration for this New Year.

My first post in 2016 will be about one of the most expected comebacks of the past few years. Adele has returned in grand style with her new album “25”, and a new single – “Hello” – that probably, to most of us, is already a radio nuisance.

Nevertheless, it’s what I’ve been hoping for. And the whole Adele-fuss in the media now – both in the UK and the USA – has made me like her even more.

Trivia: In his interview for The Times, Noel Gallagher (former leader of Oasis) said that Adele’s music was “for f***ing grannies” (source). Adele sold over 800,000 copies of her “25” album in the first week. Thus, she beat Oasis’s record for album sales.

I was totally swept off my feet with her “Jenny” performance, encouraged by Graham Norton on a BBC show. Have you seen it? It’s hilarious. You can watch it here.

And I envied Jimmy Fallon having her on his show – playing the Box of lies (watch it here) or singing “Hello” with The Roots using classroom instruments (watch it here).

But what really convinced me that she is a phenomenon was when I watched Sir David Attenborough brilliantly narrating Adele’s “Hello” video on BBC Radio 1.


The video’s first opening minutes show an inside of a farmhouse she revisits after some longer period of time.

What I’d like to present to you today is my vision of a cottage stylized a bit after “Hello”‘s video, but with a touch of modernity and glamour I associate Adele with.


Vermont farmhouse - sitting area - designed by Ramsay Gourd (image via House Beautiful)

Vermont farmhouse – sitting area – designed by Ramsay Gourd (image via House Beautiful)





In this style:












If you want to know, my favourite track on the album is no. 9 – “Million years ago” – it’s like smiling through tears.

Happy New Year 2016, everyone. I hope to have you here often and I promise to be here as often as possible.



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