Cophi Cafe

What happens when Scandinavia meets Greece? Interesting interior design in the middle of Poland.

Today I’d like to take you to a café I disovered in Warsaw, at 58/60 Hoza street. It’s called Cophi and immediately caught my attention (because of the phonetic spelling and the alusion to Greek alphabet used in their logo).

Cophi cafe in Warsaw; photo via Facebook

Cophi cafe in Warsaw; photo via Facebook

But what I liked the most is their interior design. You might remember how much I was enamoured with Moose Café in Thorn (Torun). You can read the post here.

Trivia: Although coffee houses were popular and brought substantial income to the English Crown, in 1675, King Charles II tried to ban them as “places where the disaffected met, and spread scandalous reports concerning the conduct of his Majesty and his Ministers”. He did not succeed in closing them, though (source).

Cophi‘s owner told me that he wanted to create something different from a “typical chain café” – he wanted Cophi to look a bit like the cafés in England or Scotland.

The space is small, but the interior is unique. It borrows both from the Scandinavian and south European styles. You can sense that the owners love what they do, introducing intriguing flavours to the local mainstream, e.g. a block (cake) from the high mountain area of China – with coffee leaves, cascara (coffee berries) and cinnamon.

“Tasty variety” is what I’d call their style that you can see in my photos below:

Cophi cafe - the counter

Cophi cafe – the counter

Cophi - cup of fame

Cophi – cup of fame

Cophi - inside

Cophi – inside

cophi - Cat clock

Cophi – Cat clock

Cophi cats

Cophi cats

Cophi - lamps

Cophi – lamps

Cophi - shelf

Cophi – shelf

Cophi - table outside

Cophi – table outside

Cophi - shirts

Cophi – shirts

Cophi - watering can and plants

Cophi – watering can and plants

Normann Copenhagen style lamps and a classic navy blue plaid wallpaper are getting on well with the cat clocks. “Did you like my cats?” – the owner asked me. “Sure.” – I said. I love the way they smile.

See what I’ve found for you, should you want to stylize your home in a Cophi style (click on the image below to enlarge and find a link to the shop):

In The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock,  T.S. Eliot wrote:  “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons”. Are you more of a cappuccino or a shot of espresso? Make time to find out.



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